On The Deep Mess in Honduras: Cause and Consequences All Mixed Up

30/06/09 | I was writing a comment about Honduras from Moscow, when I came across this excellent Editorial from the Washington Post that states my position better than I could do it with little time in my hands. The two things I will add is that 1) governability cannot be imposed from the outside once it has been deliberately destroyed from within (and this is the principal crime of Mr. Zelaya and his handlers: Fidel, Hugo and the drug cartels that have made Honduras their stepping stone to the U.S.), and 2) the demonstrable failure of the OAS contributed to this sorry mess. The thought of Mr. Insulza aspiring to a second term after his failure of leadership is a travesty. So is the silence of all the Latin leaders in the face of the criminally absurd and totally interventionist statements by Hugo Chavez - Zelaya's corrupter and puppeteer.

The Inter American Democratic Charter was meant to avoid abuses like Zelaya's and not to protect abusers like Zelaya. It is a sorry day when this document is pulled out of the bottom drawer to reimpose what had become untenable and maybe even illegal. One can only expect that sane minds will prevail and the U.S. - once again confronted with events that do not conform to their preferred script -, and others, can soon redirect their "indignation" to the source and not the consequences.

Written by Pedro Mario Burelli