Construction per Capita of Homes

As can be seen from the long-line plot, not even during Hugo Chavez's administration's best year are more homes constructed than during the worst year of the previous administrations. Chavez's administration has been consistently completing fewer than 1.5 homes per year for every 1000 persons. For five of its six years, it has constructed fewer than one! Looking at construction numbers, instead of public spending on housing, permits analyzing results detached from intention.

The bars represent the yearly average for the nine years previous to, then for the six years of, Chavez's administration. The short-line plot emphasizes and quantifies what stands out from the bars: Chavez's administration has been completing less than one quarter the homes than preceding adminstrations.

For Chavez's 2005 administration to make up for the difference and merely match what preceeding adminstrations were achieving, it would have to increase 2004 construction by a whopping 4,974%! Unfortunately, referring back to the long-line plot, it is clear that as years go by Chavez's administration's results are decreasing an already embarrassing showing.

The construction numbers were found at; the population numbers were found at or extrapolated from