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On Jackson Diehl's "Double Standards on Latin America": It's a Fine Time for OAS to Own Up

13/07/09 | The Washington Post's Deputy Editorial Page Editor makes a strong point using the case of Caracas Mayor to contrast the action and inaction of the OAS when democracy is under threat in the region. No case is more emblematic of Mr. Chávez's abuse of power than what Diehl describes in few words in his article... >>

On The Deep Mess in Honduras: Cause and Consequences All Mixed Up

30 June 09 | I was writing a comment about Honduras from Moscow, when I came across this excellent Editorial from the Washington Post that states my position better than I could do it with little time in my hands... >>

Wikipedia and Hugo Chavez

30 June 2009 | The following was a paragraph that I have tried, unsuccessfully, to include in Wikipedia's entry Criticism of Hugo Chavez... >>

Hugo Chavez's 21st Century Socialism: dictatorship by any other name

1 June 2009 | Is it a democracy or a dictatorship? Is it socialism or capitalism? What system of governance/economy better describes, according to facts, that which governs Venezuela? ... >>

Science at risk in Venezuela

30 May 2009 | While everyone was watching the Chavez show, another interesting one was developing in Venezuelan science, which made the fascist science comissars come out of their caves to cry right-wing conspiracy as usual... >>

Venezuela's relations with terrorism and FARC exposed

April 30, 2009 - President Hugo Chávez's ideological sympathy for the FARC and the National Liberation Army (ELN) limited Venezuelan cooperation with Colombia in combating terrorism... >>

CIA calls into question Venezuela's Recall Referendum

26/03/2009 | Steve Stigall, a CIA cyber security expert, came close to declare that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stole 2004's recall referendum... >>